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After the Sun Sets: Read, watch this poem

SEASON 1, EPISODE 1: This poem was first published by Ireland-based Crossways Magazine in print issue #10 as well as on their website here on June 17, 2020. A revised version of this poem can also be found in my first poetry collection which is a work-in-progress.

Youtube Video HERE

Noon brings an urge for doughnuts.
I walk to the supermarket,
in a dark blue top
my lipstick is bright red;
it must be evening in Kolkata.

Hair dancing in the breeze,
canvas shoes squish a little,
wet from yesterday’s rains.
Pass a jogger on my 3-minute walk,
few cars go by,
red and yellow leaves gently sway.
Nobody stares.

Home with a brown paper bag,
white sugar crusting my lips
I quickly wipe off
bringing out a scarf
to cover the hint of cleavage.
Remove the red stain from my lips
just in time for the video call –

Hello, Mamma.

© 2020 Sree Sen

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