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Raag Marwa: Read, watch the poem

SEASON 1, EPISODE 6: This piece titled ‘Raag Marwa’ by Sree Sen is an exploration of the self and the world around her during Covid-19 quarantine. Flute by Sangram Lotankar. YouTube Link here.

‘Raag Marwa’

gentle notes echo in the room
as they did a year back in your Mumbai office,
today, this shipping container you’ve nicknamed ‘home’
reverberates in the dying Dublin light

our 35th day indoors –

fingers caress the flute
like the floating eyelash of a newborn
head tilted, eyes shut, symphony cascading over
the microwave defrosting our frozen appetites

you are not here,
you don’t belong
in this contaminated world

the earth bare bones without meat,
bleached roots digging through
ashes of burnt meadows –
there’s no time to grieve

in this cage;

strains from your flute
penetrate atoms to stir against their will
forced out of their bulimic state,
brows pulled together

you are not here,
you don’t belong
in this contaminated world

rubbing soil between two fingers
it stains your cuticles
with the promise of finding the rhythm
that attracts the bees & the tigers;

you stumble

breath hitches
through the bamboo tube
uncontrolled exhalation
sharp tones brought to a sudden halt

can you hear the atoms cringe in vilified hope?

©Sree Sen
Flute by Sangram Lotankar
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