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Too much of a woman: Read, watch this poem

SEASON 1, EPISODE 3: This piece titled ‘Too Much Of A Woman’ by Sree Sen is dedicated to the countless women who face rejection, at home, work, society-at-large and their fight for self-realisation. YouTube Link here.

‘Too Much Of A Woman’

childhood of magic spells
true kiss & pumpkins
i was in love with you
before i met you,
even without you,
even with another,
their love tasting
antiseptic & sterile

it was terrifying –
i’m doomed, i thought,
to love no other but you

magician’s bottomless pit –
my intensity too much,
too often: labelled me
i, a wave sky-high
blocking out the sun, crashing,
a tide turning into a whirlpool
churning my sorrow into brackish currents

you packed your suitcase
with neatly-folded censure,
disapproval & displeasure,
fear souring our apartment
you, gagging & choking
i, free

from fairytales
& nightmares,
this time
to be

©Sree Sen

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