‘Contatto’ project does a profile of Sree Sen, interview by Elena Cristofanon
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November, 2022

‘Skin type: dark’ published by The Stinging Fly literary magazine, issue #47, Link

October, 2022

‘No Entry’ published by Banshee literary magazine, issue #14, Link

‘Come, Look Under’ in Books Beyond NI New Worlds, New Voices anthology

September, 2022

‘Raag Marwa’ published by Charcoal Project, a pamphlet of eco-poetics edited by poet Jessica Traynor, hardcopy only

August, 2022

Cracked Asphalt published by Fly On The Wall Press (UK), Ebook and Hardcopy

February, 2022

‘Brugmansia’ published by Abridged magazine on a postcard (POETRY), Link

November, 2021

‘Pfeilstorche’ reprint in Local Wonders poetry anthology by Dedalus Press (POETRY), Link

October, 2021

‘Still Life’ shortlisted at the Wild Atlantic Words Short Story Competition 2021 (SHORT STORY), Link

June, 2021

‘Status Quo’ published by Honest Ulsterman (POETRY), Link

March, 2021

‘Contraption of the Self’ published by nether Quarterly (POETRY), Link

November, 2020

‘Aya’ published by Porijay 2020 in Chicago, USA (POETRY) hardcopy only

October, 2020

‘Funambulist’ & ‘Trauma Doesn’t Change With How Your Eyes Move Across The Page’ published by The Night Heron Barks (POETRY), Link

August, 2020

‘Semantics’ published by Poetry Ireland Review issue #131 (POETRY), Video Link

‘Pfeilstorche’ published by bath magg for issue #4 (POETRY), Link

June, 2020

‘After the Sun Sets’ published by Crossways Literary Magazine issue #10 (POETRY), hardcopy only

April, 2020

‘Beneath The Ashes’ published by Headstuff (SHORT STORY), Link