October 2021:
‘Still Life’ shortlisted at the Wild Atlantic Words Short Story Competition 2021, Link

June 2021:
‘Status Quo’ published by Honest Ulsterman (POETRY), Link

March 2021:
‘Contraption of the Self’ published by nether Quarterly (POETRY), Link

November, 2020:
‘Aya’ published by Porijay 2020 in Chicago, USA (POETRY) hardcopy only

October, 2020:
‘Funambulist’ & ‘Trauma Doesn’t Change With How Your Eyes Move Across The Page’ published by The Night Heron Barks (POETRY), Link

August, 2020:
‘Semantics’ published by Poetry Ireland Review issue #131 (POETRY), Video Link.
‘Pfeilstorche’ published by bath magg for issue #4 (POETRY), Link

June, 2020:
‘After the Sun Sets’ published by Crossways Literary Magazine issue #10 (POETRY), hardcopy only

April, 2020:
‘Beneath The Ashes’ published by Headstuff (SHORT STORY), Link